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Discover our new initiative :
the Think Tank FOOD & PLANET​ !

  • How can we feed a growing population with more diverse, sustainable, healthier food and flavors guided by the principle of respect of biodiversity ?
  • How can the food ecosystem restore trust with consumers?
  • How to transform brands investments in sustainability, in business and consumer recognition ?
  • How can we provide new sources of revenu for the agrisector ?

To tackle these issues, the Connecting Leaders Club has decided to create a Think Tank to provide concrete answers and take action in conformity with the Global Sustainable Development Goals to:

  • Gather  all stakeholders of the food chain from agriculture to recycling, leading experts, NGOs and policy makers
  • Elaborate  a global vision and strategy for the next decade
  • Engage  with new generations to protect the planet
  • Enhance  credibility and trust betwreen consumers, food and agriculture ecosystems