Founded by Valérie Hoffenberg in 2014, the Connecting Leaders Club aims at bringing
international leaders to meet and exchange through conferences and private events.

In a world that is reshaping and reinventing itself every day,
quick access to leaders is key for the success of any organization.

The Connecting Leaders Club offers top managers, influencers and political leaders
a quick, exclusive and discreet access to a high-level international network.


Since our speakers are leaders or experts in their field, they inspire our audience with an extremely accurate and visionary approach of their area of expertise.


All of our events are conceived in a way that facilitates meeting and network building between members who have common interests and ideas to share.


The partnerships we have built with leading medias, in addition to our strong presence on social networks, allow our members to share their ideas and influence their sector of activity.


The relationships that we build with our members are based on trust, discretion, confidence, innovation and optimism.

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Connecting Leaders Club